Down Home Fried Chicken Recipe


Make sure you use a high quality oil with a high heat index. Lower quality, olive oil and other light oils will smoke with the high heat. If you are really worried about frying in oil use a high quality grape seed oil.

Always use a deep fry/candy thermometer when frying chicken. Your heat must stay at a constant 350 degrees. If it gets to low it will be greasy and take longer to cook. To high will cook it to quickly and burn it.

If your heat gets to low, stop adding the chicken and wait for it to rise, then continue. If it gets to hot, take it off the burner and wait.

Do not be afraid to strain your oil if it starts getting burnt pieces or looks gross. Yes, it may take longer but it will make a difference in the taste of your chicken. Throw out the oil once it is cooled. Some people say you can use oil twice but I don’t like too because it changes the flavor of your food.

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Down Home Fried Chicken Recipe


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